After just 3 sessions with Kevin my shoulder is pain free when I lift weights! I have had this nagging pain for 3 years! I lift weights and play softball so it’s always being used. Also after just 1 session on my thighs my strength and balance in my legs has drastically improved! I have gone to many massage therapists and physical therapists and they all have helped but not nearly as good or as fast as The Pain Wall! He is very professional and talks you through the pain! I will be continuing services here😁

Jamie S.

The Pain Wall clientele

Before I went to Kevin my knees would buckle or give out sometimes just from walking . I use to get spasms all the time in my legs and knees. Now my legs don’t feel heavy anymore if that makes sense and my knees don’t hurt 🙂 I’ve tired physical therapy and Tylenol and with one appointment with Kevin I feel so better. I definitely recommend him 1,000%

Tiffany B.

The Pain Wall clientele

Kevin is top notch, I’ve been to dozens of massage therapists. What Kevin does is on a whole nother level. He’s been at his craft for years and truly understands the anatomy and functionality of the musculoskeletal system like no other. Blessed to know him and have him work on my body, form, posture, flexibility, and mobility. Highly recommend The Pain Wall

Jason G.

The Pain Wall clientele

Climb Your Wall

Unbelievably effective. Able to take a deep breath after years of constriction. It was painful but no pain no gain.

John T.

The Pain Wall Clientele


Best massage I’ve ever had!
– Jeremiah C.

Goes deep like no other

– Nathan J.

Years of experience, and has a gift at what he does!

– Dylan T.

The pain wall IS A MUST HAVE! Ever since I started seeing Kevin my work outs have improved ! I no longer have pain on my knees or elbows, these guys well change your life !

– Kevin T.

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