The Pain Wall

The Pain Wall offers a unique, personalized body work experience for those looking for pain relief and preventative recovery. We are currently serving clients in Minneapolis, Coon Rapids and Hudson.

What you’ll get:

  • Bodywork specialists’ who will address the root problem

  • Tension relief and better movement

  • Myofascial release, cupping and scraping

The Pain Wall surfaced after years of repetitive injury that stemmed from a lack of knowledge around training and recovery.

At The Pain Wall, you will experience bodywork from an IASTM certified, soft tissue specialist who has developed a deep understanding of the anatomy and functionality of the musculoskeletal system through various courses and over five years of hands-on experience.

The Pain Wall is fueled by a passion to understand how help the human body functions at its peak, alongside a commitment to work with the body in a holistic, preventative way.

This type of work is not for the faint of hearts. Upon entering a session at The Pain Wall, you will not be walking into a beige colored, dimmed room with bird music chirping in the background.

The Pain Wall is bodywork experience that will take you through an intense series of muscle smashing, cupping and/or scraping. To find relief from the discomfort that you may be experiencing, you must first Climb your Wall. Once you face it head on, you will feel relief, you will move better, and you will recover faster.


Kevin is the founder of The Pain Wall. After spending years developing a deep understanding on the musculoskeletal system and bringing himself past his own Pain Wall, he opened his doors to help other climb their wall. He offers muscle smashing, cupping, scraping, and corrective personal training.
Courtney is a bodywork specialist at The Pain Wall. She has been passionate about self-myofascial release for 8+ years now, along with her weight lifting career, and got into working on others in the past year. She has found great relief from muscle smashing and feels passionate about passing on this healing work to others. Her services include muscle smashing, cupping, scraping, guilded yoga/stretching, and personal training.
Climb your wall