Can’t believe I waited so long to make a visit. I have had so many treatments from various places for muscle soreness, stress relief and pinched nerves. On my first visit so much relief was felt that I wasted no time in scheduling second visit. Second visit I got my legs worked on and the day after I felt like I had a brand new pair of legs. Hands down the place to go when looking for help in any of the above named problems.


Kevin is the man to go to for all your body issues! I’ve only seen him twice and my shoulder has so much more mobility. I’ll definitely keep going to him weekly to keep my body functioning at optimal level. I’m hard on my body from being a nurse doing heavy awkward lifting, lifting heavy weights at the gym and my cleaning business. Not only does he help reduce random tension, but educates me how to avoid creating the same issue again. Thanks Kevin.


Kevin is quite the guy, and the Pain Wall is a great approach to recovery. It is cool how he teaches you about what he is doing, and even gives tips for trying some things on your own. I wish I could get on his schedule more regularly but my work schedule is demanding.

The Pain Wall is real, and sometimes I cannot climb that wall to recovery on my own. I also think it decreases stress for me in letting go of that pain.

I have some serious low back and hip pain that Kevin is able to relieve. Not only that but it definitely improves range of motion! It is amazing and I highly recommend it! I know I will be seeing him as often as my schedule permits! Great for athletes, lifters or anyone really!


This dude is doing it right. Kevin’s super knowledgeable, and you can tell he really truly cares about his clients and the work he’s doing. He actually gets to the bottom of problems to solve them, rather than just putting a bandaid on it and calling it good. He also tells you the “why” of what he’s doing while he’s working on you, and I really appreciate that.

Super great guy, super friendly and easy to be around and talk to. 10/10 would recommend to everyone, athletes or not.



KEVINFounder, Bodywork Specialist
Kevin is the founder of The Pain Wall. After spending years developing a deep understanding on the musculoskeletal system and bringing himself past his own Pain Wall, he opened his doors to help other climb their wall. He offers muscle smashing, cupping, scraping, and corrective personal training.
CourtneyBodywork Specalist
Courtney is a bodywork specialist at The Pain Wall. She has been passionate about self-myofascial release for 8+ years now, along with her weight lifting career, and got into working on others in the past year. She has found great relief from muscle smashing and feels passionate about passing on this healing work to others. Her services include muscle smashing, cupping, scraping, guilded yoga/stretching, and personal training.



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